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Our products are made of high-quality materials and durable elastics. We do suggest to follow our care instructions so that your product will last.


  1. Wash the garment alone or with a light load to prevent too much agitation.
  2. Use cool or cold water settings.
  3. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners which can ruin its delicate nap.
  4. Remove promptly once cycle has finished.
  5. Hang or lay flat to dry.


Polyester can be safely dry-cleaned or machine-washed. Turn poylester-knit garments inside out before washing to prevent snags. Machine-wash polyester in warm water, using an all-purpose detergent.


When hand washing is not an option, the delicate cycle on your machine is preferred. The use of cold water is recommended. If you feel you must, then warm water but never hot water unless you intend to have the cotton item to shrink.


Orders are packed and shipped on Monday-Friday only. Orders placed on the weekend and select holidays are processed on the next business day. Please allow up to 3-5 business days to receive your order if you are in the United States.